How It Works

Step One:

Sign Up

Download our “MyEyes360” mobile app from Apple or Google stores and follow the simple “Sign Up” steps, including confirmation of verification code sent to your email.

Step Two:

Add the Oil Camera

Power on the Oil Camera. Next, press the “Setup” button (LED will show a blue light). Then, on the MyEyes360 mobile app, click on “Add Camera” followed by “Allow” to connect the Oil Tank Camera to the Mobile App via Bluetooth. Finally, enter your WiFi name and password before clicking on “Connect”.

Step Three:

Monitor - Anywhere, Anytime

Check oil level image, WiFi strength, connection status, and battery level by visiting the Oil Camera page on the mobile app.

Does The MyEyes360 Oil Camera Works In All Homes?

The MyEyes360 Camera works in most homes in the United States. However, before you purchase a device, please make sure that you meet all of the following requirements:

This product requires the Scully Oil Tank Gauge Vial (Standard for most Oil Tanks).

No contract, subscription or monthly fee is needed for the operation of this product.

Location of Oil Tank Camera requires good Wi-Fi signal.